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Is Your Locker Cramping Your Style?

How much stuff can you keep in your school locker anyway?
Oversize textbooks, rolling backpacks, sub-zero mountaineering parkas: the gear students need to get through school today keeps growing more and getting bigger.
But up until now, high school lockers are one thing that hasn’t changed much. Bulky textbooks require bulky backpacks, some of which now require [...]

Social Organizer Site

With the flood of so many different kinds of new websites and social online movements, new tools are needed to help organize and manage online activities. The most effective of the new tools designed to meet this need is the social organizer. Social organizer websites help users to plug in easily to a variety of [...]

Website Democracy

At Spacelocker we strongly believe in democracy. It gives people a choice. It gives people independence. It gives people a better life. And more…!!!! Website democracy is also important. Users should have the ability to choose which websites they want to be part of their homepage (“their world”). And that choice should [...]

Orbee Meets Obama

Orbee, the Spacelocker mascot, is ready to meet President- elect Obama and help him get organized. If Orbee meets the President-elect he can show him how to use Spacelocker.com to manage his busy agenda. There’s lots to do.
The Cabinet has to be selected. President-elect Obama must have a long list of email addresses of [...]

Public BETA Testing

If you signed up to Spacelocker you may wonder why some of the function icons are static. That is because we are still BETA testing the website. We decided to go live so we could have more users trying out the website and giving us their feedback. The programs for Meet Me At My Locker [...]

Plug and Play

Have you joined a website, uploaded your pictures and videos, and then forgotten about it? Or have you uploaded pictures to one website only to decide you want to use another photo website? Or have you been switching between social networks and uploading your pictures to each network? It’s all very frustrating. It’s time [...]

Spacelocker Blog: 10/24/08

Greetings and welcome to the Spacelocker blog, the official source for information and updates about Spacelocker—one place to all your online stuff.
Modeled on the school locker, this locker in cyberspace connects members to friends and online activities with a click of the mouse.
Members can easily personalize the site, and it can be readily adapted to [...]