There are more bookmark organizers on the Web than many people have bookmarks! They all work differently. We thought it important that a bookmark organizer should be easy to use and allow for quick retrieval of the saved bookmark. Spacelocker bookmark organizer does that.

The Spacelocker bookmark organizer has an application that helps create bookmark categories in easy to see headings. Under each heading, bookmarks related to that heading can be saved in a contrasting colour from the heading, thereby making it easy to find the saved bookmarks.

Bookmarks currently stored on your computer browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari) can easily be imported directly into the Spacelocker bookmark organizer. Also any bookmarks you have stored on the Delicious or Simpy online services can be imported. Or you can just add a bookmark by pasting the website url into the add window of your Spacelocker bookmark organizer.

The real benefit of using the Spacelocker bookmark organizer is that all your favourite websites are stored online, in one place, and easily accessed from any computer.

The free Spacelocker bookmark organizer is just one of the useful tools at that makes your computing experience free, fun and functional.

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